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West Central Cooperative Annual Report

Award-winning collaboration


An annual report is a chance to share a company’s success. It has to both tell a story, and instill confidence in the stakeholders.

For 10 years, Sigler and West Central Cooperative have collaborated on the creation of the rural cooperative’s annual report. The audience for the publication includes 3,500 farmer members, business partners and potential investors.

West Central trusts Sigler to make an impression worthy of the co-op’s achievements. Sigler is involved each step of the way, from development of the overall theme to shipment of the final product. Because of their long history together, Sigler is granted a lot of design freedom to produce something unique and fresh every year.


  • Sigler’s creative staff initially develops a cohesive theme for the annual report based on the year’s content. West Central wanted this year's annual report to look like a Field Notes booklet.
  • Sigler's creative team designed options using West Central's brand colors while stylistically providing the look of a field journal, which was further enhanced by unique production techniques that emulated an outer leather "case."
  • Sigler is responsible for the design, editing and printing and production services, including the collating, cutting and shipping of the report.
  • We often incorporate special papers, unique bindings or interesting die-cuts to create a one-of-a-kind piece. The paper for this year had a vintage look, which prints cleanly but offers a distressed, aged appearance.
  • Sigler's hand assembly team inserted this year's annual report into a faux leather shell, which also served as a mailing panel, allowing the piece to be a self-mailer. 


Sigler’s work on the West Central annual reports is regularly on display at industry award shows. The West Central annual reports have won regional and national awards, including ADDY and NAMA awards.