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Make it a moment no one will forget

Bring people together. Share something special. Celebrate your success. Whatever the reason, Sigler will make your event memorable for guests, and hassle-free for you.

Sigler has successfully executed corporate receptions, tradeshows, open houses, product launches, even company picnics. We can assist with several areas of your event, including:

  • Event theming/concepts
  • Venue scouting and selection
  • Signage, displays & décor
  • Booth layout
  • Invitations and menus
  • Branded gifts
  • Catering
  • Lighting
  • Live entertainment

Thanks to Sigler’s capabilities, you can add more value to your event budget. Design and mail invitations from a single source. Store and ship supplies for tradeshows. Create commemorative event giveaways. You can do all this and more with Sigler.

When you work with Sigler, an experienced event planner will walk you through the entire process. How will guests arrive? Have you considered food allergies? What if it rains? With any event, there’s a lot to manage – we won’t let you miss any of the minor things to ensure it’s a major hit.

Sigler’s event management team has planned and executed events in 18 states and 27 cities. We’re ready to help shine the spotlight on you, wherever you are. Contact us to start planning your next event.