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Public Storage Marketing Materials

Always up to date, always in stock


When one of the nation’s leading self-storage companies needs to store and ship their own supplies, they chose Sigler. Public Storage partnered with Sigler to help deliver branded communications and advertising solutions to their nationwide network of storage facilities.

With more than 2,200 facilities across the country, Public Storage always needs to be ready to distribute regional materials if and when state information changes. Public Storage relies on multiple Sigler services to streamline their marketing – from design to print to warehousing to shipping.


  • Sigler helped design and print a wide variety of materials – carbonless forms, padded front & back forms, brochures, posters, promo items and more.
  • With each order, materials are updated according to local regulations and customized with information for their state.
  • Sigler helps Public Storage for on-demand and ongoing marketing needs, with both daily orders for fulfillment items and mass shipments for scheduled initiatives such as annual rollouts.
  • Public Storage’s promotional items range from acrylic frames to shipping stickers to coloring books.


Sigler created a one-stop location for Public Storage’s many different marketing materials. Now, the company’s branches can order items both for annual updates and throughout the year when they need to resupply materials. Public Storage continues to add more items to their online store, including coloring pages and colored pencils.

Built-in reporting capabilities also allow Public Storage to stay on top of inventory management like never before. Public Storage’s ability to monitor how quickly items are being ordered means there’s never a backorder – locations always have what they need.