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HON Mailings

Pick, pack, precision


When change happens, you have to move fast. As a leader in office furniture design and manufacturing, The HON Company is constantly innovating their product lines, which requires distributing new product literature to dealers in a timely fashion.

HON partners with Sigler to complete mass mailings of marketing collateral to their dealers. With the size and urgency of each mailing, it requires organization and attention to detail to properly split the list, ensure all custom pieces are printed on time and double-check for quality of each kit. Sigler manages many moving pieces which must stay in sync with one another to get everything completed on time and on target.


  • Sigler preps mailing lists from among 4+ lists provided and organizes a mass mailing of materials.
  • Each dealer kit requires 8-10 different printed pieces which are produced at Sigler, including brochures, catalogs, sell sheets, letters and envelopes.  
  • The printed materials are hand collated and packed into custom kits according to each order.
  • Kits are mass mailed to the recipients if they order only 1 copy; for those that order more, we package multiple kits and ship to the location.


The HON mailings are always a success, with an extremely low return rate, thanks to thorough mail preparation and list work in advance. We are also always able to meet and even exceed the customer’s requested in-hands date.

When product lines change or new products become available, the literature needs to get into customers’ hands ASAP. Because Sigler handles all the commercial printing, assembly and mailings in-house, we can expedite the entire process to stay ahead of deadlines.