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Ron McMillen


sigler original (in more ways than one) // blue cheese aficionado // founder of our “never‑say‑no” work mantra

Jill Whitaker

Chief Operating Officer

production conductor // ZERO use for a microphone // possibility maker

Michelle Vogel


fearless trail‑blazer // lover of spreadsheets // always thinking

Chris Eggert

VP Production & Facilities

most likely to tell you “no running” // Sigler Safety Patrol // avid hunter

Jeff Oleson

VP Data & Technology

direct mail virtuoso // never met a steak he didn’t like // dad of 4 with two‑legs and 3 with four‑legs

Lori Hinders

VP Human Resources

unflappable // dog lover // definitely heard that

Cindi Doornenbal

Senior Account Executive

relationship builder // proud gramma // live music lover

Chris Coppinger

Senior Account Executive

print mail connoisseur // bee keeper // green thumbs

Cherie Torresi

Senior Account Executive

non-profit pro // can‑do idea maximizer // nature lover
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Eric Crawford

Account Executive


Patrick Hansen

Director of Creative Services

talkin’ hairdo // punk fanatic // cyclone diehard
515.231.0335 LinkedIn >

Heather Cramer

Creative Director

brand sheriff // tent camper // name‑that‑tune pro