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GuideOne Insurance Pastor Appreciation Month

Helping people say thanks


Pastors are often the unsung heroes of our communities. As a leader in church insurance solutions, GuideOne wanted to help shed light on their hard work and sacrifice during Pastor Appreciation Month (October).

The goal was to build awareness and provide church members with tools to give thanks, demonstrating GuideOne’s commitment to its faith-based audience. Sigler helped develop a multimedia, integrated campaign that helped position GuideOne as a thought leader and helpful advocate of clergy in advance of Pastor Appreciation Month.  


  • Sigler helped create emotional connections with a Pastor Appreciation Month video, including scripting, production and editing.
  • To help promote Pastor Appreciation Month on social media, we developed images and messaging that encouraged others to give thanks.
  • We designed and printed several versions of inspirational posters and thank you cards church members could give to their pastors.
  • All items were also available for download on a custom landing page, where GuideOne could also share user-generated messages of thanks to their clergy.


GuideOne received several stories from people across the country, sharing notes of thanks for their pastor. The video received over 12,000 views and was picked up by the GodVine and GodTube video networks. It also received over 600 likes on Facebook. The landing page also received over 3,000 pageviews during the month of the campaign, with people spending nearly 7 minutes interacting with the page. Best of all, there were nearly 1,000 downloads of the cards and posters – which meant more and more people were able to say thanks to their pastor in unique and creative ways.

The level of integration for all components made this a truly memorable campaign for GuideOne and helped set the standard for future Pastor Appreciation Month efforts.