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Corn Belt Power Cooperative Annual Report

Strengthening the Connection


Corn Belt Power Cooperative’s annual report is much more than just a publication of financial statements. It serves as an account of the history of the past year and of Corn Belt Power’s current progress, challenges and objectives.

Throughout several years of partnership, Sigler and Corn Belt Power continually work together to present an inviting and creative piece that still encompasses the purpose of the project.

After sharing an initial theme, Corn Belt Power opens the floor for the Sigler team to reach the pinnacle of creativity and challenge their inventiveness in bringing this piece to life from concept to assembly.


  • Corn Belt Power provided a theme, photos and description of the project based on the report’s content. This year's theme was "Connections," which was visually represented by incorporating different imagery  that connects our lives, from threads to powerlines. 

  • Sigler handled the rest, from concept, design and printing through hand assembly and final distribution.

  • Complementary to the concept of “connecting,” Sigler hired a local freelance artist who created thread art based on the overall theme. Sigler provided direction for the required art, tools to create the art and color schemes. After the artwork was completed, Sigler photographed and color edited the art to place into the publication. 

  • The annual report stands out as a creative and functional piece, thanks to finishing touches like bright white uncoated tactile paper, thread wrap enclosure and faux thread binding. 


Corn Belt Power has again received positive feedback from the Board of Directors, staff and customers for communicating the message in such a creative way. They will be submitting the report in the Spotlight on Excellence competition next year.