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HON Connect Program

Custom catalogs drive local dealer growth


The HON Company designs and manufactures high-style, high-performance workplace furniture for businesses across the nation. Through the HON Connect program, HON helps dealers better serve local office furniture needs through custom web portals and marketing materials.

To demonstrate the value of the Connect program and increase dealer participation, HON turned to Sigler. Sigler developed a solution to populate custom content and automate distribution of marketing materials to companies carrying the HON line.


  • Sigler prints small catalogs used to broaden customer understanding of office areas and how HON solutions can maximize space.
  • For more than 100+ HON dealers, Sigler also creates larger customized catalogs with pricing and tailored covers, logos, offers and addresses specific to their location.
  • We implemented a print-on-demand postcard program to address weekly information requests from the HON website. Based on a website user’s location and their interests, they are sent a postcard with targeted subject matter and local dealer information.


HON’s Connect marketing program is unique in that it’s entirely custom, from first client interaction to the finished printed piece. It’s always on-going – as soon as it’s done one year it starts back up for the next, incorporating nearly every service Sigler has to offer

With Sigler’s ability to easily customize content, HON has been able to enroll more dealers in the program, increase awareness and reinforce the locality of their brand, and generate more leads that increase sales potential for their dealers.