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Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation: Corndog Kickoff

Fun designs inspired by the Fair


Blue ribbons. Fried foods. Iowa pride. The Iowa State Fair has something for everyone. But months before any of the gates open, Sigler gets the chance to capture the feeling of the Iowa State Fair with the Corndog Kickoff, the Fair’s top fundraising event.

Each year, the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation hosts the Corndog Kickoff to raise money for continued renovations and upkeep of the beloved Iowa State Fairgrounds. The Corndog Kickoff is centered around an auction held in a Fair-like atmosphere (featuring Fair foods and all!).

Sigler has been working with the Blue Ribbon Foundation for more than 10 years to help encourage attendance and generate excitement for the Corndog Kickoff. Nearly 1,700 people come together each year to bid on over 30 live auction packages and 200 silent auction packages.


  • Sigler's Design Studio works closely with the theme the Corndog Kickoff team develops each year in order to bring the concept to life in creative ways.
  • Sigler designed and printed letterhead and envelopes, invites, tickets, auction books, T-shirts and hand fans that were used as bidding paddles.
  • The hand bindery team added adhesive labels for bidder numbers.
  • The team always has to remain flexible, in the event auction items come in at the last minute, with project management staying on top of everything to ensure quality and consistency in every piece and every component is on schedule.


The Corndog Kickoff offers the opportunity to create something fun, festive and unique – every designer’s dream. With each year’s theme, the design team is challenged to think way outside the box while still finding ways to keep the project affordable for the client.

The spirit of the Fair is carried throughout the Corndog Kickoff, from the invitations to the auction signage, helping to promote a successful fundraiser and inspire donations. To date, the event has raised a total of $4 million toward Fairgrounds renovations.

  • The Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation continually has a positive experience working with Sigler. Our account manager is knowledgeable and quickly responds to our needs. Year after year, the graphic designer thoughtfully listens to our ideas and creatively makes our event theme come to life.
    Blue Ribbon Foundation