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Two Men and a Truck Online Store

Keeping franchises connected


Creating a familiar environment from store to store is vital to building a brand. Whether you’re in Boise, Idaho or Birmingham, Alabama, you want the same experience – a quality that’s important for both customers and employees.

Two Men and a Truck came to Sigler seeking a solution to help their 200+ franchises procure uniforms, marketing materials and other Two Men and a Truck items as needed. Sigler made it easy for Two Men and a Truck business owners to brand their location with an easy-to-use online store.


  • Sigler created a clean, efficient shopping experience for users, while also providing a range of customizable pieces available in the store.
  • Sigler hosts and manages the Two Men and a Truck online store, handling everything from point of order to production and fulfillment.
  • Customer service is managed by Sigler representatives, who help with order questions and special requests.
  • The Sigler web design team provides design, buildout and delivery of special offer eblasts.
  • Sigler supplies more than 200 customizable apparel, promotional and print items, and all items are stored in inventory on Sigler's shelves.


The Two Men and a Truck online store quickly became a favorite site for franchisees. Since launching in February 2012, Sigler has fulfilled over 8,000 orders of 320,160 items. All told, Sigler has shipped to 253 cities in 45 states.