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Des Moines Arts Festival

Celebrating the arts

The Des Moines Arts Festival is the signature arts and culture event in Iowa. The success of the Festival extends beyond the state’s borders, as it has been recognized as one of the most prestigious and admired festivals in the world.

For more than a decade, Sigler has helped promote the Festival in many forms. To celebrate the diversity of artists on display each year, there are always multiple designs featured in marketing efforts, making for an exciting time for everyone involved.


  • Sigler printed the Des Moines Arts Festival promotional posters and commemorative prints, which featured a custom work of art.
  • To ensure the artist’s original vision was maintained during the poster litho printing process, Sigler provided color correction expertise.
  • Sigler produced apparel and sourced promotional items, ranging from volunteer & staff shirts, crew shirts with embroidered patches, garments with artwork sold at local stores, digital prints of the showcased artwork, and kids’ shirts and bags that could be decorated at the Festival.
  • As a longtime partner, Sigler’s in-house specialists researched, secured and decorated over 4,000 garments and 1,000 promotional products.
  • In addition to the direct-to-event distribution, Sigler also coordinated with the Festival and local Younkers department stores to reach a wider audience.
  • As the event neared, Sigler was able to accommodate all rush orders: in some cases, producing work within a few days, which included ordering merchandise, receiving orders, production and next-day (sometimes even same-day) delivery.


The Des Moines Arts Festival won its second consecutive IFEA Grand Pinnacle Award in 2015, the highest award presented by the International Festival & Events Association.

The printed commemorative posters have become a favorite of Des Moines Arts Festival fans and attendees. Over 500 posters were sold throughout the 3-day event in 2015, helping raise valuable funds for the Festival.