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NASCAR Paper Cars

Crafting an unforgettable NASCAR experience


Kids love fast cars and arts & crafts. Sigler combined these passions for a one-of-a-kind project for NASCAR, the nation’s top motorsport.

With critical thinking and careful planning, Sigler was able to add functionality to the agency's great design that put kids behind the wheel of their very own paper sprint car. The paper cars debuted at the Daytona 500, one of the most anticipated events of every race season. The project was commissioned as a part of the Acceleration Nation program, which helps introduce young people to NASCAR.

Everything about this project took meticulous execution to ensure the paper cars could be punched out cleanly and easily assembled. Even with very precise, complex production needs, nothing stood in the way of a stunning final product.


  • The NASCAR activity kit included a unique die-cut folder, an information & activity booklet and a foldable paper car.
  • Sigler was responsible for adding functionality to the provided design/layout by incorporating a custom die, as well as digital printing and scoring.
  • The paper car design required an extremely custom die-cut to ensure that the car could be punched out and assembled with no additional materials needed.
  • Sigler shipped to the Daytona 500 for distribution to be handed out to kids at the gates. 


The paper sprint car project helps build awareness for NASCAR among a younger audience. Teaching kids about race cars helps create future generations of NASCAR fans. It establishes the sport as a family-friendly tradition, one that parents and children can enjoy together.

Despite the vast amount of customization and large quantity, Sigler was able to find ways to make the project economical. The end result was a high-quality, high-impact keepsake that families could enjoy putting together, and that provided pleasant memories for race fans of all ages.