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Sigler Celebrates 65th Anniversary

The year was 1958…

The Colts won the Super Bowl, the Yankees won the World Series, Arnold Palmer won the first Masters… The first Pizza Hut opened in Wichita, Kansas… LEGO was patented and NASA was formed…The United States launched the world’s first communications satellite, which was coincidentally called SCORE.

These weren’t the only events that were “out of this world,” because in 1958 Sigler opened its doors at 419 Walnut. This year we’re celebrating 65 years and we plan to celebrate all year long!

While Sigler’s street number and square footage may have changed over the years, its foundation has always remained the same: a group of dedicated people who believe in what we’re doing here. 

We owe Sigler’s success to each and every one of our team members, who have treated this company, its mission, and its values as if it were your own passion project. We feel incredibly lucky to call you our coworkers and wouldn’t be where we are today without you. You make us so proud of what we’ve accomplished and excited to see what we can do together next.

Another component of Sigler’s success comes from great leadership. It all began with Grandpa Mel and Grandma Edna, who started Sigler in their basement with little more than a set of rubber stamps.

Their grandson, Ron, eventually took over as CEO in 1972, and led Sigler to grow into the amazing commercial facility we stand in today.


As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we are proud to announce Michelle Vogel as the next CEO to carry on this tradition of leadership and innovation.

While we’ve been around for 65 years, and are in many ways established, we’ve never stopped evolving as the business does. We have no doubt that the reason we’re able to celebrate 65 years of success is because of all of our teammates, many of whom have held several different titles of their own throughout the years as new needs have arisen. We want to extend each and every one of you a sincere thank you for being such an integral part of making this company what it is. Here’s to 65 incredible years!

Celebrating the Past, Looking to the Future

We officially kicked off our year of celebration at the end of February, with some quick speeches from the leadership team, new t-shirts with our special 65th Anniversary logo, and some sweet treats!


Location, Location, Location

To say we’ve grown is an understatement! From our modest beginning in the basement of the Sigler home to the current 105,000+ square-foot building we currently call home, here is a look at where we’ve been along the way!


Blasts From the Past

Take a trip down memory lane with us and check out these selected photos from throughout Sigler’s history, courtesy of past documents and SCORE yearbooks!


Thank you to all our friends, coworkers, clients, and partners (past, present, and future!) as well as the Ames community for a wonderful first 65 years! We can't wait to see where the future takes us next!