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Iowa Sports Foundation Live Healthy Iowa Initiative

Creating a healthier state


The Iowa Sports Foundation is dedicated to helping Iowans lead more active lives. Iowa Sports Foundation kicked off the 2016 Live Healthy Iowa initiative with the help of Sigler, producing marketing materials and apparel to promote a full year of wellness programs, 5K races, fun walks and more.

The two-month project started with an initial bulk order of more than 10,000 T-shirts. Interest quickly grew, however, and Sigler had to race into high gear. A subsequent order had to be produced no more than 5 business days from the initiation of assembly and fulfillment/distribution. 

Sports are all about teamwork. The 2016 Live Healthy Iowa campaign was no different. It took careful collaboration between Sigler’s multiple departments, from procurement to production to shipping, to reach the finish line in time.


  • Sigler helped Live Healthy Iowa promote its yearlong initiative, screen printing more than 16,000 T-shirts and printing 50,000 flyers.
  • We hand assembled over 3,500 unique team shipments for Live Healthy Iowa events, which included multiple flyers and up to 10 different T-shirts sized appropriately for the team members, in mailer bags supplied by Iowa Sports Foundation.
  • In order to increase capacity to meet the tight deadlines, Sigler hired additional contract labor for its Hand Bindery department.  
  • To ensure safe, timely arrival, Sigler utilized FedEx Smart Post to leverage significant savings in shipping costs and provided tracking information back to Iowa Sports Foundation.
  • List services received fulfillment information and generated pre-printed shipping labels, which were applied during the assembly process to eliminate any quality control issues.


Quality always comes first. We were dedicated to helping Live Healthy Iowa roll out without a hitch, including an on-the-fly adjustment to the packaging to ensure quality of shipping. During the packing process, we discovered that the supplied poly bags had bad adhesive. Fortunately, regular quality assurance checks revealed the issue and we were able to fix the situation mid-stream, with no delays to the original timeline.