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2016 Rose Bowl Apparel

Big game, big results

Dynamite designs on a tight turnaround. 30,000 shirts in a short 3-week span. That was the case with Sigler's work on the 2016 Rose Bowl apparel for Game Fan Outfitters, a distributor based in Ankeny, Iowa.

Sigler has a long history of creating licensed apparel for colleges and universities. As soon as the matchup for the 2016 Rose Bowl was announced, Sigler hit the ground running.


  • Before the bowl games were announced, the Sigler team created designs for several possible scenarios and had them approved, ready and waiting.
  • After Iowa and Stanford were selected, the Design Studio had 3 different designs available that met the stringent licensing rules for the Rose Bowl as well as both college athletic departments.
  • Screen printing applied the designs on 4 different styles of garments: regular T-shirts, ladies tees, raglans and sweatshirts.
  • Sigler's Hand Bindery department added hang tags to each garment.
  • Apparel inventory was ordered in advance to ensure that when the Bowl lineup was officially announced, everyone was ready to roll.


Sigler shipped Rose Bowl shirts directly to Hy-Vee and Walgreens locations, fulfilling the mass orders that continued to come in. Sales were extremely brisk, resulting in multiple reorders of the Rose Bowl shirts. All told, Sigler produced a whopping 30,000 T-shirts in under a month, nearly doubling original expectations. All product was screen printed, tagged, boxed and shipped in just a 3-week timeline. 

The sheer volume of work and local impact made headlines in Central Iowa. In the days leading up to the game, Sigler was featured on WHO-TV.