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Your Backstage Pass to Literalpalooza: Sigler's 2019 Desktop Calendar

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – time to send some joy and share our Sigler calendar. Every year the process is an exciting journey from start to finish, and the 2019 calendar was no exception! Last year’s Let’s Get Literal: Song Titles theme was not only a blast to brainstorm and design, but also opened the door for a fun, interactive guessing experience for our calendar recipients, and also provided several opportunities to win cool promo giveaways. We listened to all the great feedback, and now we’re excited to bring a NEW category to our Let’s Get Literal series…


The Concept

Last year, we compiled our favorite songs into a flawlessly crafted “mixtape” of designs. This year, we went back to the drawing board and focused on literal interpretations of our favorite BANDS and ARTISTS and “Literalpalooza” was born.

The designers began choosing artists that could not only inspire a wide array of design styles and showcase various production techniques but they also factored in which ideas would work best for future apparel and promo items.


The Stage

We wanted this year’s calendar to have a papercraft element to it, so we designed the front cover to convert into a speaker amp for a mobile phone! Printed four to a press sheet, die cut, scored, perfed and embossed – they serve as the cover page until removed and assembled into the speaker. QR codes lead to the video of assembly instructions and a special Spotify playlist including several hits from all of the artists featured in the calendar. 

The rest of the calendar features a unique ensemble of colored papers, special processes and vivid inks to give it that festival feel.



The Page

At Sigler, we know that high-quality paper can take a design to a whole new level. With that in mind, we selected Keaykolour, a beautiful line of uncoated paper with 43 fresh colors and 2 weights, distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Mohawk.

Each designer chose a paper color that enhanced their design yet was cohesive to the overall color palette of the calendar. Out of the 43 options, 12 made the cut. For each press run, we included a sample stack of all 12 hues to serve as a future resource for ourselves and our customers.



The Performance

Each of the designers executed their calendar page with a number of different techniques ranging from minimalism to hand illustration, as well as several different special processes such as embossing, holographic foil and even glow-in-the-dark UV to make their designs really pop. The back of each calendar month lists the paper, ink and special processes as a quick reference guide. The intro page of the calendar also lists specifications for each design and includes a space to pencil in band name guesses.







The Tour

Once the calendars were printed and assembled, they were packaged in an eye-catching, converted red envelope with red foil. This reflective tone-on-tone effect makes it difficult to ignore. With personalized labels, the Literalpalooza calendars were ready to hit the road to their new homes!


Visit Let’s Get Literal to check out all the designs featured in the Literalpalooza 2019 Calendar and to try your luck guessing which bands/artists are depicted in each image. We’ll feature the most popular designs on apparel items in the coming year, so be sure to vote on your favorite design and we’ll automatically enter you in our upcoming giveaways.

Stay tuned! We’ll be diving into more detail about the process and specifics of each month's design individually.

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