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For the Win! Buffalo Soldier Contest + Alternative Apparel T-shirts

10 lucky winners of our Let’s Get Literal contest are set to receive their “Buffalo Soldier” T-shirts this week! Shipped far and wide in our custom mixtape packaging, they should be hard to miss. Congratulations to our winners. For those who didn’t win, never fear, our NEXT contest is near!



Speaking of winners – the Eco-Jersey™ Crew T-shirt we chose for our Buffalo Soldier decoration definitely fits the bill. Made by Alternative Apparel®, the Eco-Jersey is like your favorite vintage tee – but lets you fast-forward to that lived-in tactile experience straight off the press. It’s made from sustainable fibers and processes to create a soft, naturally worn-in medium weight jersey. Soft as butter but not too thin. Plus, it screen prints like a dream. Seriously, you might fall out of love with your other T-shirts after wearing this one.





Sizing and Color Availability:

Technically categorized as a Men’s Slim Fit, the Eco-Jersey Crew T-shirt is surprisingly soft and flattering to both men and women and comes in a full range of sizes (S – 3XL). So if you’re needing a unisex shirt, this brand is sure to please.

It’s available in the following colors: Camo, Black, Grey, Red, Navy, Urban Grey, Ivory, Green and Pacific Blue.



Did we mention we LOVE this shirt?



Give them a try on your next screen printing project. You won’t be disappointed. For more information, contact your Account Executive or call customer service at (515) 232-6997. Or, start your project online with our convenient Project Planner.

PS To be sure you don't miss out on the next Let's Get Literal contest, jump on over and enter our simple "email alert" form. You'll be glad you did.

Loop me in so I can win!