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Sigler Receives 2022 Ames Chamber "Culture Curator of the Year" Award

The best part of working at Sigler is the people and the culture we have built over the years, largely due to the efforts of our employee-run SCORE (Sigler Coworkers Recognizing Excellence) Committee. SCORE not only facilitates various recognition and appreciation programs, but also plans monthly events ranging from BINGO to a fiercely competitive Chili Cookoff to pretty much anything that provides an excuse for a food day. Our GIVE Committee also plays a large role in who we are, with fun contests and events for employees to get a chance to pick charities or nonprofit organizations to receive donations. Outside of official Sigler events, our department teams also take the time to create special days, such as dip days, monthly birthday celebrations, decorating for holidays, and more.

The word is out about town, and we were delighted to be the recipient of the 2022 Ames Chamber of Commerce “Culture Curator of the Year” Award!

President/CEO Michelle Vogel (who is also active in the Chamber and is currently serving as one of the 2023 Chairs) attended the awards ceremony in January to accept this honor on our behalf. The beautiful awards were custom made blown glass sculptures created by the ISU Gaffer’s Guild specially for this occasion.


Below is the writeup that was presented with the award:

Go on a tour or walk through the Sigler facilities in Ames; you will get a sense of the fun and the pride that the employees feel for this company. A foundational value is a desire to exceed their customer expectations always! This company finds a way to say Yes, even with the most challenging of projects. In late 2022 Sigler Companies, Inc broadened their business in Ames with the acquisition of Alpha Copies and Express Signs.  

You can find Sigler employees volunteering in our community and making donations to worthy projects and organizations. Efforts led by the SCORE Committee engage employees at all levels in the company. Activities include summer grill outs, ugly sweater contests and team building efforts. If there is a special day, the team at Sigler is celebrating it! National Hydration Day, Women Who Print Day, Manufacturing Day, and sometimes they create their own days, like “Cake Day”! 

Sigler is quick to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of their employees. For this, along with the reasons mentioned above, and so many others, it is with great pleasure that we award the Ames Chamber of Commerce Culture Curator of the Year, to Sigler!

We are thrilled to have our workplace culture recognized as a standout in the community and are grateful to the Ames Chamber of Commerce for the honor.