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Sigler Calendar 2022-2023 | Design & Print Spotlight

Back by Popular Demand

The annual design and production of the Sigler promotional calendar is always an exciting, creative journey from start to finish! Due to many client requests to bring our “Band Name” theme back, this year’s calendar is… (can we get a drum roll, please) Let’s Get Literal • Band Names Vol II!

Let’s Get Literal challenges people to figure out the correct BAND NAMES based upon our LITERAL designs. 


Our Let’s Get Literal microsite houses the designs and the answers, plus free wallpapers for screens and other goodies.




While there are LITERALLY hundreds of bands to choose from with names ripe for literal depiction, the challenge is choosing something that inspires a design worth staring at for a month. As you’ll see, our choices were a bit eclectic this year – just like our designers! 

Much like bands that utilize four key instruments to create the tracks we know and love, at Sigler there are four vital ingredients responsible for creating ALL the colors you see in offset printing – CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW and BLACK. It seemed natural to use these four core inks at their maximum saturation to unify our designs. The other hues in the palette were created by overprinting these colors.

With the color palette set, we whittled our band name list down to 12.


Initial design collaboration and critique.
How the designs display on

To shake things up a bit, we changed the orientation of the calendar from vertical to horizontal. And for an added twist, we split the panels. The calendar dates are on the left with the band designs on the right – bound separately by wire-o’s at the top. Now you can flip to your heart’s content. Fast forward, rewind or even keep your favorite band design on repeat! 

Finalizing designs and determining page order.


For our paper selection, we chose an uncoated stock, Neenah Solar White Classic Crest® Eggshell #100 Cover. With one exception for the last month, which required uncoated paper to accommodate an awesome, interactive scratch-off foil we’ve been itching to try out for years now!



After final approvals, prepress worked their layout magic and the 6-color press brought the designs to life.



You’ll see some other specialty processes sprinkled throughout the designs. Holographic foils, subtle embosses, a deboss and even an interactive spinning wheel!



While production was busy cutting, collating and binding the calendars, the design team created matching desktop wallpapers for screens that are FREE to download on our "Things For You" page.

You can visit Let’s Get Literal to check out all the designs featured in the calendar and to try your luck guessing which BANDS are depicted each month. Or if you’re new here, check out our previous categories as well. 



We hope you enjoy the calendar as much as we do

If you didn't receive a calendar this year, you can download a free DIY printable version here. Or join our mailing list to make sure you never miss out on the fun.

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