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Sigler Calendar 2021-2022 | Design & Print Spotlight

Each year, the design and production of the Sigler promotional calendar is an exciting, creative journey from start to finish. The majority of our design team was still working remotely, so concepting occurred over several, shall we say animated, video calls. Creativity is never in short supply here at Sigler, and over the course of a couple weeks, we managed to whittle our list of great ideas down to this year’s final theme and approach.


Our last three calendars have focused on literal interpretations of SONG TITLES, BAND NAMES and MOVIE TITLES. Dubbed the Let’s Get Literal series (LGL), they challenge people to guess the titles based upon the artwork, with the answers available online. We had one last category that we felt fit nicely into the LGL theme — HOMOPHONES! If you missed the previous calendar designs, you can try your hand at guessing the answers here.

While HOMOPHONES aren’t quite as flashy as songs, bands or movies, they ARE a challenge to guess and depict literally. What’s a homophone you ask? [ HOM-UH-FOHN ] One of a group of words pronounced in the same way but differing in meaning or spelling or both. Each month depicts a homophone that SOUNDS exactly the same yet has a completely different DEFINITION and SPELLING. For example: Chilly/Chili, Bare/Bear, Hair/Hare… Each designer chose a homophone pair they wished to work with and added a Sigler service for the back of their design.



The last few years we’ve focused on having our calendars serve as tangible examples on how to utilize paper as an integral part of a printed piece. By choosing a wide variety of specialty papers from Neenah, Mohawk and more, they served (and still do serve) as real-life print examples for clients to see, feel and touch. 

As a designer, there’s nothing better than working with a great sheet of paper! However, we realize that sometimes, paper is the first thing to get cut when making the most of a project’s budget. With that in mind, this year we chose to stick to just one paper stock for the entire calendar. We chose 100C Bright White Finch Fine Smooth. This is a nice uncoated sheet that while smooth, has an interesting texture.

To keep our many design aesthetics cohesive, we decided to limit our color palette to 4 spot colors. We had some great palettes teed-up but in the end, chose PMS 7472 Teal, 7506 Beige, 021 Orange, and a Neutral Black. 

Graphic styles and initial color palette ideas.
And the winning palette is....


As our designs came together, we had a few pages we felt would benefit from a little “bling," whether it was a holographic foil, a perforated tear-off card or some fun pull-tabs for interaction, we have some interesting effects sprinkled throughout.

Press proofing



Click below for a quick 360 of the finished calendar.
Some of the special effects in action.

While production was busy printing, cutting, collating and binding the calendars, the design team created matching desktop wallpapers for screens that are FREE to download on our "Things For You" page.

Another change we made this year was to use an integrated easel with a hanger incorporated into the Wire-O binding. This provided two ways to show off the calendar — propped on the prime real estate of a desk or cheerily hung up on a wall.

You can visit Let’s Get Literal to check out all the designs featured in the calendar and to try your luck guessing which homophones are depicted in each image. We’ll be highlighting each month’s design separately in upcoming blogs revealing the answers. We hope you enjoy the calendar as much as we do.

If you didn't receive a calendar this year, you can download a free DIY printable version here. Or join our mailing list to make sure you never miss out on the fun.

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