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Homophone Series: Flour/Flower | Design & Print Spotlight

  • Designer: Nick Muhlbauer
  • Project: Sigler 2021-2022 Calendar
  • Design Style: Vector illustration
  • Ink: PMS 7472, 7506, 021, and Neutral Black 
  • Paper: 100C Bright White Finch Fine Smooth

Let’s Get Literal (LGL) is a fun, interactive series of designs based on “literal” interpretations. LGL combines several things we love – clever concepts, design collaboration and creating campaigns that delight and engage people – and it’s up to the end-user to guess and check their answers at

Sigler's LGL 2021-22 calendar theme is HOMOPHONES (words that sound the same but have different meanings.) It utilizes the same 4 spot-color inks throughout to unify the unique aesthetic of our talented designers.

January 2022


In Nick's words:  When I started this project, my first design choice was actually for a different homophone: Rye/Wry. There was a lot of potential design-wise for RYE, but creating a literal interpretation of WRY was where I hit a snag. After getting some feedback from the other designers, I ended up scrapping it and starting fresh with a whole new homophone. Even though Flour/Flower was my second choice, it was an obvious one. Simply put, I love flowers.

This year was another composite of two simple images. The first image was an open bag of flour and a bundle of grains, and the other of a flowering plant. Having the plant rooted in a bag of flour seemed to be the most obvious choice for tying the two images together. I went with fairly simple artwork due to an unforeseen time crunch, but I knew I wanted it to have a similar appearance to lithography.


My favorite part of the image is the subtle gradient in the flour granules; I enjoy how it adds a touch of dimension to the artwork. Lastly, what would a bag of flour be without a little bit of branding on the bag itself? Slap on the Let’s Get Literal text and it’s ready to hit the shelves at a store near you!




To learn more about the production of the entire calendar, you can read our blog here.

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To download Flour/Flower for your screens, click here.

Didn't receive a Sigler calendar this year? Never fear. Download a free printable version here.