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Feature Presentation: A Clockwork Orange - April 2021 | Design & Paper Spotlight

Let’s Get Literal (LGL) is a fun, interactive series of designs based on “literal” interpretations. LGL combines several things we love – movies, design and creating campaigns that delight and engage people. This year’s calendar theme is MOVIE TITLES and it’s up to the end-user to guess and then check their answers at

April’s design was inspired by plastic oranges.

  • Designer: Gabe
  • Movie Title: A Clockwork Orange
  • Design Style: Photo manipulation
  • Ink: Opaque White + Four Color Process
  • Paper: Neenah PLIKE® Papers, Orange, 122C



This may be a little backwards, but I guess there’s no right or wrong way to start a design. The creative concept for this month’s artwork actually started with a fascination with the PAPER we wanted to feature. We had been looking at Neenah’s PLIKE® Papers, in bright orange, which has a unique matte appearance and one-of-a-kind "plastic-like" surface. Having already designed Ace Ventura and Planes, Trains & Automobiles, I was glad to have a different creative starting point for this project. It’s always nice to mix things up, and it’s truly amazing to see the impact paper can have on both the inspiration for a design and the final results.

Since I had already finished two literal designs for this project, I wanted to push my creative boundaries and utilize a different production technique and design aesthetic. With the Ace Ventura design, I created a fun, colorfully illustrated vector pattern with subtle touches of black foil on classic linen paper. With Planes, Trains & Automobiles, I designed a minimalistic pattern enhanced with shiny copper foil on organic kraft paper. Because my bright orange, plastic-like paper was already a nod to the title, I was able to clearly focus on the elements I still needed to create a literal interpretation of A Clockwork Orange, and ended up simply merging two photographs of a clock and an orange to achieve the final product 

The experience of designing this particular month’s artwork proves once again that details, direction and limitations help ensure a streamlined and efficient workflow for any project. To make sure the orange-clock would really stand out and have more dimension, we first printed the sheet with an opaque white ink as a base. After the sheets dried, we ran them back through the press with 4-color ink. The contrast in visuals is quite striking and inviting to the viewer. I’m really happy with how it turned out!


Press proofing the opaque white ink base.




PLIKE® Papers are available in 9 rich colors in 2 weights (95 lb text and 122 lb cover). All colors are FSC® Certified. For more information and a peek at color options, visit our friends at Neenah.

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To download A Clockwork Orange for your screens, click here. 

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