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Up On The Desktop - A Christmas Story Part 2

(Part 1 covers the print and production of our "Up on the Desktop" Christmas campaign effort so be sure to check that out as well.)

With each communication, we strive to "show" Sigler's wide-range of capabilities. For our annual Christmas card mailing we showcased a unique 3-D papercraft Santa complete with sleigh and reindeer. While the printed pieces were being designed and produced, the marketing team focused on building off our "Up on the Desktop" theme – taking it from paper to digital marketing. Our goal was two-fold, show how Sigler can marry print and online efforts and to expand our reach well beyond our mailing list.

A natural solution was to create some adorable paper accessories for Santa. How cute would it be to have an entire Christmas scene at your desk? We set to work designing elves, festive trees, a north pole and even teeny-tiny presents. We could then invite recipients of our Christmas card to visit our Freebies page to download them all.


As we mentioned in Part 1, Jen had written us some amazing copy for our Christmas card: A parody of "Up on the Housetop". We soon realized we could turn this up a notch! We set our talented designer, Gabe, (who happens to also be a guitar instructor and musician) loose in his home studio. He came back with an amazing track – orchestrated, produced and sung all in one afternoon! He then gathered the Sigler designers into the conference room to add some off-tune but enthusiastic harmonies. 


Now we were armed with a true Sigler original that begged for a quick promo video. Storyboarded, shot and expertly edited by our very own, Brian Tucker, we invite you to view it below.



We even made a custom RINGTONE! Click on the zipped file below to download.


All the assets in hand, it was time to spread the cheer online! An email was crafted to invite our clients to view our video and blog. Posts for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram were written. Google campaign urls were created for each channel to keep tabs on incoming traffic and downloads. (Are you following Sigler on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram? It's a gift that gives year long!)

With links checked twice, it was finally time to hit send, publish and post. And with that, you have Christmas – Sigler digital style!

  • LYRICS: Jen, Heather and Jenny
  • COPY: Jen
  • CHORUS: Sigler Design
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Heather and Brian
  • DESIGNERS: Reid, Amy, Heather
Heather Cramer
Creative Director