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Tote-al Tee Call – DIY T-Shirt Totes Needed for Food Bank of Iowa

At Sigler, we’re always talking about how our closets are packed to the brim with T-shirts we’ve produced over the years. When you have a full-service apparel department on site creating awesome T-shirts, it's all too easy to wind up with more Tees than you probably need. So when we heard the Food Bank of Iowa was calling for DIY T-shirt tote bags and encouragement cards, we jumped at the chance to help out.


Over the Memorial Day weekend, co-workers scoured closets and dresser drawers for T-shirts to drop off in our staging area. They were then washed, trimmed and sewn into DIY totes by our awesome crew. Designers lent a creative hand by developing a variety of encouragement cards – working directly with the Food Bank of Iowa to add Sigler's creativity to the mix of pre-approved inspirational phrases. Within a week, we were able to create 1,000 totes and print 2,000 cards of encouragement! It was a quick and easy way to work together for a good cause.


For an organization like the Food Bank of Iowa, the work is never done and they are still in need of DIY totes and encouragement cards to support their mobile pantries and school distributions adapting to drive-thru operations. That’s where you come in!

You can “tote”-ally help!

DIY T-shirt Tote

Is your closet full of a bunch of tees that haven’t seen the light of day in years? Repurpose them into a DIY tote for the Food Bank of Iowa! They’re super easy to make and are essential for keeping volunteers safe amid the ongoing health crisis.

Instructions for making the bags and how to donate them can be found here.


BackPack Program™ and encouragement cards

The Food Bank of Iowa also provides free BackPack sacks to partner schools each week for teachers and other school staff members to send home with children in need. The sacks include BackPack Sack Motivation Cards, which offer words of encouragement and inspiration for recipients. As the health pandemic continues, the Food Bank has expanded this program to include encouragement cards in mobile pantry boxes and now places over 5,000 cards each week!


If you’d like to contribute to this program, feel free to download our pre-approved designs directly from our website, or simply use them as inspiration to create cards of your own following the instructions for making them and how to donate them here. Whatever you decide, sometimes a few words of encouragement make all the difference!

Download the Designs

Making an Impact from a distance

DIY totes and encouragement cards are just a few examples of how you can assist the Food Bank of Iowa in their ongoing support of Iowans in need. Help is welcome wherever a willing volunteer is! To learn more about how you can volunteer remotely for the Food Bank of Iowa, click here.