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Feature Presentation: Hairspray - January 2021 | Design & Paper Spotlight

Let’s Get Literal (LGL) is a fun, interactive series of designs based on “literal” interpretations. LGL combines several things we love – movies, design and creating campaigns that delight and engage people. This year’s calendar theme is MOVIE TITLES and it’s up to the end-user to guess and then check their answers at

January’s design was inspired by big hair and Aqua Net!

  • Designer: Jenny
  • Movie Title: Hairspray
  • Design Style: Illustration
  • Ink: 4 Color Process + Clear Holographic Foil
  • Paper: Neenah® Cotton Papers, Blush Letterpress, 90C



Didn’t everyone enjoy singing and dancing to the 2007 version of Hairspray? Or was it just me with my daughter who was just a tot back then? It’s such a fun, flashy, quirky musical, so when I had the chance to design for that title, I was immediately inspired and had a vision.

To me, the best way to visually represent “hairspray” is with big hair. “The higher the hair, the closer to God,” right? That quote ran through my mind on repeat while I was planning and sketching out the shapes of the hair. After adjusting and perfecting those flowing locks and how they fit on the page, filling them with a REAL image of hair seemed perfectly weird and appropriate, and I was delighted at the result! It was able to be printed in good ole' CMYK ink, which was ideal because I had big plans for the hairspray.


As a teen in the 80s and 90s, I know hairspray. The smell, the cloud of aerosol, the sticky mess it left on fingers and combs, and the shine that speckled countertops and every other bathroom surface. I was hoping to achieve THAT look without using ink at all – just some kind of shiny print technique on paper. Trial and error, test after test, I finally settled on holographic foil on the softest, most touchable letterpress pale pink paper (Neenah® Cotton Papers Blush Letterpress). 

The hairspray effect isn’t visible at every angle, which gives this page that extra element of “touch” to enjoy the effects of the holographic foil. You notice it more or less depending on the angle. It’s very tricky to represent in photos. 


I had a lot of fun with this design and hope that you can get your hands on a printed calendar to enjoy the full effect! Embrace the weird and the fun. You might as well, because sometimes “you can’t stop the beat!”


Neenah® Cotton Papers are 100% cotton! How cool is that? They are ideal for letterpress, engraving, embossing, foil, and digital or offset printing. Perfect for projects that need to stand the test of time. Available in 7 understated yet timeless colors and 3 finishes: Wove, Smooth and Letterpress in varying weights. For more information and a peek at color options, visit our friends at Neenah. 

If you’d like to make your next print project have maximum impact – Sigler's ready to help. CALL US AT 515.232.6997 or jump right in and fill out our project planner. 

To download Hairspray for your screens, click here.

Didn't receive a Sigler calendar this year? Never fear. Download a free printable version here.