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Direct mail: the love letter of marketing

In this increasingly digital age, businesses have continued to evolve their marketing practices (and budgets) to accommodate the new trends for reaching their customers. But among the influx of banner ads, pop-ups, social media pushes, e-blasts and everything else electronic, direct mail remains a player. But how does mail marketing maintain relevancy in the high-speed, short-term attention span of today’s audience?

The way it makes them feel

With the pandemic leaving many feeling isolated from their old way of life, it’s no surprise that a small something from Mr. Postman can lift their spirits. A November 2020 USPS Survey found that physical mail feels extra special during this time of social distancing and helps the recipient to feel less isolated.¹


With more people staying home, a physical mailer is a great way to reach your audience and keep your business top of mind. In fact, 81% of people reported they look forward to seeing what’s in their mailbox, with 50% of consumers having tried a new product, service or establishment after receiving a direct mail advertisement.²

  • 67%  check their mail every day
  • 81% are excited to see what’s in their mailbox
  • 50% have tried a new product/service after receiving direct mail for it

Sealed with a kiss: personalization matters

To the modern customer, being treated as a person and not a statistic is a prominent factor in their decision to do businesses with a company. As the number of different marketing platforms continues to grow, customer expectations grow as well. While the average customer uses as many as 10 different channels to communicate with brands, they expect a fully tailored engagement experience across all methods of advertisement.³

84% of customers say that being treated like a person and not a number is very important to winning their business.

Direct mail is no exception. In order to best reach your audience, it’s important to know your audience – and how each generation has their own spending habits based on what they value most.

Love for the ages

Each demographic responds differently to direct mail, which is why the effectiveness of mailed advertisements relies heavily on who is on the other side of the mailbox. What defines, and more importantly, speaks to the hearts of each generation? 

Boomers: With 83% of this generation highly valuing the reliability of mail, these active spenders find physical mail trustworthy. Advertisements depicted as an investment will go far with this group.

Gen X: Being at the height of their careers, raising families and focusing on living healthy lifestyles, Gen Xers respond well to imagery that depicts this, but are both cautious and conscious about their spending. This group reported that they collect their mail 6 days a week, so while you have plenty of opportunities to get in front of them,  messaging should be quick and to the point.

Millennials: Though this group is often perceived as being glued to their phones and obsessed with all-things-online, 62% of millennials actually read through advertising mail instead of discarding it and 58% worry less about their privacy with direct mailers than their digital counterparts.

Gen Z: A 2019 Epsilon study found that not only do Gen Zers spend more than any other group, they also carry their own influence within their household of spenders as members of their family will often look to them for recommendations and opinions on a product or service. Personalization goes a long way with this group and direct mailers that utilize variable data printing to include their name and other personal information make a positive impact.

Sincerely, Yours

Your audience should always be at the heart of your marketing strategy. Your advertisements are hand-crafted love letters, speaking to their heart and appealing to their wants, needs and values.