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Business Solutions in the Wake of COVID-19

Practical advice for businesses trying to maintain financial wellness while navigating the effects of COVID-19.

As if the concern of the world’s newest health scare isn’t intimidating enough, what do you do when you notice your bottom line is already dipping in response to the pandemic? During a time when so much is outside of your control, here are a few ideas to consider that would have a positive impact on your business.

Event Orders

Is the event you have been tirelessly planning for months going virtual, being canceled or postponed? If your event is going virtual, Sigler can assemble event packages of domestically-sourced items and send a mass distribution to all virtual attendees so they can still have a memorable experience.

If the event may be reinstated at a later date, task our team with redesigning your participant bags or apparel so the items you ordered are still relevant for a different date or location. Keeping your order in progress and repurposing it may be more cost effective than a restocking fee in many cases.

Budget Planning

Is your budget for this quarter next year already at risk? Your marketing spend is declining due to unexpected changes in your business plan and without using the allocated funds you may lose that money next year, which could negatively impact your long-term goals. Use this temporary shift in the economy to stock up on things like uniforms, marketing materials and inventory replenishment, or send a direct mail piece to stay in front of your audience when you can’t physically be there. Taking advantage of lower production prices now means you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when normal market behavior resumes.


Are members of your staff currently traveling abroad and unable to return home, or have they been quarantined with no access to their work? Our full-service creative team can serve as an extension of yours and lend a hand from initial design concepting for print, web, apparel and promotional products to copywriting services. Whether it's simple revisions to existing files, or complicated multi-touch campaigns from scratch, we're here to help.

What other problems are you facing? We can help. 

Sigler is more committed than ever to finding creative solutions for every problem being identified in this changing business environment. Please contact your Sigler Account team or our Customer Service team (515.232.6997 or to share your challenges and learn how we can help.