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Puppy Jake Foundation Online Store

Raising funds to help American heroes


One dog can make a big difference. That’s what inspires Puppy Jake Foundation every day, as they select, train and place highly-skilled dogs with American veterans with disabilities.

Fans of Puppy Jake Foundation were looking to show their support for the organization, as well as an easy way to contribute to the worthy cause. Puppy Jake Foundation partnered with Sigler to create an online store where users could purchase Puppy Jake-branded merchandise while making a donation at the same time.


  • The online store was created using a similar design as Puppy Jake’s main website so users can easily travel between sites and make purchases in a seamless transition.
  • The store is stocked with items for dog fans of all ages and interests, including polo shirts, baseball caps, notecards, ornaments, plush toys and coloring books.
  • In addition to sourcing promotional items and screen printing and embroidering apparel, Sigler works with a third-party vendor to procure additional specialized items.


The store has become a critical part of Puppy Jake Foundation’s fundraising efforts. Puppy Jake promotes the store on social media and at events. An added benefit of the site’s popularity is the increased brand awareness for the nonprofit, as more people wear Puppy Jake apparel around town.